Filing for Real Estate Litigation in San Jose, CA

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With property transactions, and no matter who you are, if you are a part of the transaction you should always have a lawyer in the case that issues come up that require attention. And if you are going to buy and sell property in San Jose, CA, you need to know about real estate litigation. You don’t often hear about the stories of people who were about to complete a property transaction only to go to court over a dispute with the other party, when the other party changed the terms of the agreement and would not work things out civilly.

Why Real Estate Litigation?

Every real estate venture is an investment. All investors in these ventures must protect their financial interests no matter what the cost. Otherwise they may lose out on thousands of bucks and end up with nothing to show for it all. Don’t be another victim of a bad deal; get a person who is smart, professional and educated about real estate litigation in San Jose

If anything needs to be changed it can be done by an attorney and shown to all parties involved. This will go on until everyone is happy with the changes made in the contracts.

Legal Disputes and the Solution

Problems happen when a contract is disregarded, ignored, misrepresented, or misread. Real estate litigation is the answer to resolving these problems between the parties and completing the transaction.

Property transactions can be confusing even for professional agents because of the laws that surround them. Expert counsel must be taken when it comes to real estate litigation. Issues can even appear when the builder and the commissioner of the builder don’t see eye to eye, and since it’s hard to solve these issues without breaching the contract, more problems and complications can come up. Real estate litigation is an invaluable resource for you to have in your possession.

Lino V. Martire is a San Jose, California real estate attorney with over 20 years of experience representing individuals in real estate transactions and litigation. To make sure you win your case, visit

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