Judgment Enforcement

Our clients learn that, as creditors, some debtors are very creative in avoiding the payment of their debts. Our experience and skill provides our clients the best possible chance of locating and converting debtor assets to recover losses. In order to effectively enforce a judgment, it is vital to find out how the debtor has structured both their income sources and asset holdings.

We offer resources that exceed a typical collection agency. We devise strategies to use a debtor’s assets and income to satisfy our client’s money judgement, including:

  • Post-judgment discovery of information to aid enforcement
  • Wage garnishments
  • Account levies
  • Turn-over orders
  • Executions on real estate and personal property interests
  • Assignment orders
  • Charging orders
  • Creation of judgment liens
  • Identifying and voiding fraudulent asset transfers, creditor suits, and receiverships

We apply every method available to overcome the challenges that keep you from money that is rightfully yours.

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