Are Construction Attorneys necessary for a Real Estate Project?

September 26th, 2013

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong in a construction project and proper counseling is necessary to avoid expensive litigation problems. Most common problems that occur in a construction project are to do with payment disputes. Some common aspects where a good Real Estate Attorney can help in the initial process of a construction project are:

–          Initial Contracting

–          Financing

–          Land Use

–          Development Issues

–          Post-Construction Performance

–          Payment and related disputes

Construction disputes can be a long and painful process and you can avoid all this by contacting a good attorney before your start the construction process.

The following is a handy list before you start your construction project. Talk to your attorney regarding the following items ahead of time:

Issues and agreement which may be required for your construction projects

  • Land use and zoning agreements with government entities
  • Eviction and lease agreements if needed
  • Landlord-tenant agreements if needed
  • Water rights agreements
  • Land use permits, including building and development permits
  • Easements
  • Boundary line agreements if needed

Construction projects should be a positive project fostering growth. Litigation is  the last thing you should have to  deal with. Advance consultation with your real estate attorney will ensure your project will be performed and completed in a manner which minimizes your risks and maximizes your return.